Baby Dedication
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Christ is King Ministries- Mission : : To Educate, Edify & Empower Through the Word of God
"All your children shall be taught by the Lord,
And great shall be the peace of your children." 
Isaiah 54:13 

A new baby is a wonderful blessing from God, and we rejoice with parents. Because of the importance of this time in a couple's life, we invite Christ is King Ministries Church members, to publicly or privately dedicate their children to the Lord, committing before God and the church family to establish a Christian home in which to raise children.

You may complete an application online by filling out the form to the right or pick up a Baby Dedication Form in the Church.  We ask that you submit your application before your child is six months old.

To apply for a date to publicly or if you prefer, privately, dedicate your child, please complete the following form and push the Submit button on the bottom of the form. Once we receive your application, you will be contacted to schedule a time for your dedication.
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Ages 0 - 6 months
[Please note that we do not baptize babies at Christ is King Ministries. We have a "Baby Dedication" service to commit your newborns to the Lord and His care.]